If you have the ability, use it. The capability we have as human beings to heal one another is extraordinary. And it doesn’t have to be complicated or grande…often times, it’s quite the opposite. It’s a humble, nameless moment of kindness. It’s taking someone’s hand. It’s listening and simply being there. It’s allowing someone to … More Healing

Short and Sweet

Short and sweet tonight. Go in the direction to which you’re drawn. Not carelessly. But intuitively. Listen to your heart. Trust your gut. Have an open mind and a free spirit. Be reasonable but be a risk taker. Have balance. Be purposeful. Live deliberately. Love purely. Laugh with your belly and your tears. Work your … More Short and Sweet

Chuck Warriors

It’s incredible, how stigmas can vanish. I’ve often wished I could go back in time, and speak with my mum when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. To tell her it’s ok. To harmoniously say “fuck cancer.” To shave my head with her. To go on a 3-day walk with her. To empower her. To … More Chuck Warriors

The Good Old Days

Sitting here, post-workout, as daylight brightens. My boys are still sleeping. I cherish this time…reflective time. In the kitchen last night, Finn was running in circles around the island…his ritual during the Mickey Mouse and the Roadsters opening theme. Bernie is chasing him, Finny is laughing so hard he is losing his breath. Chris is … More The Good Old Days

In this sacred place

My god…how lucky we all are. To live in this sacred place. And to be so blessed…because of pure circumstance. Time. Place. Situation. We are all here, not because of some amazing thing we did. But because each and every person in our upward lineage…did something greater than themselves, to get us here. To this … More In this sacred place

Why Do Yoga During Pregnancy: Baby on Board Yoga with Melinda Ferreira and Peggy Hall

When I was 7 months pregnant with Finn, I had the amazing opportunity to be featured in Baby on Board, a prenatal yoga DVD under the guidance of my teacher and friend, Peggy Hall. I trained and was certified under Peggy, who is one of the nation’s leading wellness experts, and the creator of Yoga … More Why Do Yoga During Pregnancy: Baby on Board Yoga with Melinda Ferreira and Peggy Hall


I talked about you today. To someone whom I just met. I talked about you yesterday. To someone whom I love, but never knew you. I talked about you last night. To your grandson at bedtime, who told me you’re in the sky and in the ocean, and that you’re beautiful. It’s amazing…you’ve been gone … More Mum