An Ordinary Day

Today was an ordinary day, of ordinary, extraordinary, beautiful interactions. Rocking chair on the front porch with my son, laughing til the second he got on the bus. Casual conversation over coffee with a dear friend, who I’ve known over lifetimes. An instant bond formed with a man of spirit and sobriety, who proudly showed … More An Ordinary Day

The privilege of missing someone

I can’t quantify the number of times Chris and I have left each other for a business trip. For nearly 20 years, we’ve been globetrotting together and individually for work, but for some reason tonight, I found myself extra emotional as he pulled away. Passport…check. Charger…check. Electrical converter…check. Gluten free snacks and lactaid pills…check. Hat … More The privilege of missing someone

Happy New Year

Here’s to life, thank you for both the momentous and private moments. For unabashed emotion and poised strength. For falling in love with people, places, and experiences. For continuous lessons in this beautiful journey. For joy. For the awareness of the fragility of life. For the pull towards that which gives purpose. For my best … More Happy New Year


I had lunch with a dear friend this week. We were catching up on each other’s lives, as we hadn’t seen each other in a couple years. Work, school, family, spouses, parents, LIFE. We were discussing how much had changed since we’d first met, and in the same right, how much could change if we … More Reinvention

Wonder Woman

Of the people I’ve met in this journey of life, I’ve come to admire most those souls who exhibit gratefulness. In my very first clinical rotation, I have met Wonder Woman. She is a 90+ year old woman, in a wheelchair. Yet she is bound by nothing. Not her age. Not her health. Not her … More Wonder Woman


In the past week, I’ve had several conversations with individuals who want to change and improve their lives. In some way, shape, or form…they want to become a happier, truer version of themselves. They want to peruse their dreams. They are self-reflecting and awakened. Awakened to the notion of living…of not going through the motions … More Encouragers


Sharing this exceptional excerpt from my favorite modern author, John O’Donohue. I first read Anam Cara when I was 21 years old, living in Ireland, and it continues to speak to my soul. This passage has never been more poignant. Enjoy ☘️🙏❤️ GROWTH “Deep within every life, no matter how dull or ineffectual it may … More Growth

Take It Easy

“Lighten up while you still can Don’t even try to understand Just find a place to make your stand And take it easy” Best vacation of my life. Hearing these lyrics today on a vinyl record…the song that reminds me most of my mum, was so special. The smell of the record was even amazing. … More Take It Easy


When you reach a point in life when you’re intolerant of bullshit…when you just want to spend time on what’s real…that’s a good thing. When you self-evaluate, when you start to seriously question the purpose of your life, your time spent, on what and with whom…that’s not a crisis, that’s active engagement. When you step … More Awaken